WHy "The David Initiative"?

Before David was the king of Israel, he was an unassuming shepherd boy with a fierce love for praising God in song. We celebrate David for his courage as a warrior and his strength as a King, but we often forget that it was David who wrote most of the psalms that have been the anthems of God’s people for over three thousand years. The psalms David wrote, that are the foundation of our praise, are rich, beautiful, authentic, inspiring, and deeply moving.

The unfortunate reality is that most of us would not describe our music experience at Mass as "deeply moving." How much more connected to the liturgy would we be if our music was as authentic and powerful as the Mass itself?

In order for the Church to have music like this again, we need new Davids.
We need new musicians who are skilled at their craft, inspired by their faith, and willing to put their talents in service to the Mass at the parish level.

We Believe

We believe that the answer to this problem lies in our young people. Just as David was easily passed over, so too are there many young people in our parishes today who have not been offered the opportunity to learn to lead liturgical music and fall in love with it. The way to reach these young people is through the invitation of a parish music minister. It is not enough, however, to invite young people to lead a youth band at mass. Youth need guidance and training. That is the David Initiative's aspiration: equip the parish music ministers and together, we can disciple the youth and help bring the body of the Church into a more powerful encounter with the Mass.



Our Core Values



We believe that in order to see a revival of liturgical music, we need to rise up young people in the church. This can only be accomplished by personal invitation and mentorship. We seek to embody discipleship in everything we do as a collaboration.


There are many parish programs that involve youth, but many of those parishes do not provide these youth bands the necessary mentorship or oversight to make the music excellent.  Music at mass should always be first and foremost focused on worshipping the Lord with excellence because He is worthy of our best.


The Gospel of the Matthew says that the steward of the kingdom of heaven "brings out of his treasure both old and new." (Mat 13:52)  Our tradition is our fount from which we draw. It can always be renewed and rediscovered in new ways that are accessible to the modern ear.




Get Involved

We are actively looking for partners to make this effort a success.  Whatever you can do to help, let's be a part of this renewal together.